Lt-Kol. S.P.E. Trichardt

Stephanus Petrus Erasmus Trichard was born on 23 January 1847 at Branddraai near Orighstad and died in October 1907 at Nakuru in Kenia.

He was the son of Carolus Trigard (that was married to Gertruida Erasmus) and he was also a grandchild of the Voortrekker leader Louis Tregard.

He grew up in the Lydenburg district, married in 1870 and moved to Goedehoop in the Middelburg district.

He was promoted to acting veldcornet in 1871 and in 1880 veldcornet. On 5 April 1889 he was chosen as Commandant of the Middelburg command and in 1894 re nominated.

He fought against Nyabela (1860) the Swazi, s (1864), Sekhukhune (1876), again against Nyabela in 1882 /1883, Malebogo (1894), Modjadji (1894), Makgoba (1895), and Makhado (1895).

He also took part in the first Freedom war and was part of the Jameson raid expedition.

After the death of Lt. Kol. Henning Pretorius Chief of the State artillery of the ZAR he took over the command.

During his tenure the forts around Pretoria was built and the artillery modified. In September 1899 he went with part of the artillery to Natal and was part of the battles of Dundee and Ladysmith.

After this he fought at Brandford and again at the Natal front.

After Pretoria was taken he returned to the Transvaal and took part in the battle of Donkerhoek where he was in an argument with General Louis Botha about the canon positions.

In October 1900 his job was abolished part because of this argument and part because the ammunition for the cannons was finish.

He was demoted to Commandant of the Middelburg commando and fought next to the Eastern railway line to Dalmanutha, Belfast and Bethal.

After the peace in 1902 he went to Madagaskar and in 1903 he returned to Middelburg.

After some time he moved to German-East-Africa (Tanganyika) and later to Nakuru in Kenia where he died in October 1907 from a heart attack.

He wrote a book with the help of Thomas Kroon called ”Geskiedenis, Werken and streven van S.P.E. Trichard ”