General – Hermanus Abraham Jacobus Bosman de Villiers

General Hermanus Abraham Jacobus Bosman de Villiers.
Abraham de villiers was born in 1855 near Hopetown in the Cape Colony where his farther was a farmer.
When he was 10 years old the family moved to  the Lichtenburg district
In 1886 he was appointed as member of the first school commision of the district.
He was a leader of the district and seved on the commision to build the big sandstone Dutch Reformed Church  and in 1898 build the first goverment school
At the start of the war he joined the Lichtenburg commando and was soon promoted to the ranj of General.
He was with General Christiaan de Wet when they defeated the British army at Mostertshoek
On 30 May he commanded the boer forces at the battle of Biddulpsberg The burgers were 400 men with 3 cannons and the British force under General Rundle were 4000 men with 12 cannons.
The Britons attacked early in the morning but the boers opened fire and atfer the third defeate the British infantry retreat. In the meantime a veld fire was started and that helped the boers in their attack.The battle was won by the boers and the British lost 47 men with another 180 men wounded. General De Villiers was seriusly wounded and because no docter was with the boers he was taken to the british docter in Senekal after an agreenent was made that he will be allowed to return to his unit and not taken as a prisioner of war.