General – Jonathan (Jan) Crowther

General Jonathan Crowther
This great valley or retreat seemed to many of the commandos to be an ideal place where they could rest a while regardless of the enemy without, and here came the bulk of the fighting force of the Orange Free State. There was President Steyn himself, together with General Christiaan de Wet, Piet de Wet, P J Fourie, Philip Botha, Cmdt J H Olivier, Gen C C Froneman, Steenkamp, Dominee Roux, General Crowther, Cmdt Haasbroek and General Martinus Prinsloo. There was also Vilonel, the former commandant of Senekal, who was awaiting sentence as a traitor to the cause.
General Crowther was given the command over the third division, which consisted of the burghers from Ficksburg, under Commandant P. De Villiers; from Ladybrand, under Commandant Ferreira from Winburg, under Commandant Sarel Harebroek; and from Senekal, under Commandant Van der Merve.
Prinsloo’s surrender included General Crowther, Commandants Paul De Villiers, Ferreira, Joubert, Du Plooij, Potgieter, Crowther, Van der Merve, and Roux; and about three thousand men.