General – Petrus Johannes (Piet) de Villiers

Petrus Johannes de Villiers.
He was born  in 1853 at  Kalkrand in the Hopetown district .His father was Abraham Isak de Villiers  and Petronella Isabella Fredricka his mother.Piet was the older brother of General Abraham de Villiers.In 1868 went with his parents to Douglas in the Cape Colony and later when his parents moved to the Transvaal he stayed behind in Douglas.

When he was only 17 he was elected as field cornet of the Kalkrand ward in the Hopetown district . He married Sussana Maria de Klerk in 1873 and they had 8 children.Although he was a colonial he joined the Free State forces in October when the war started.

He was a very good officer and took part in a lot of battles and was later made a general by General Koos de la Rey.

He died in Petrusburg, Cape Colony