General – Petrus Johannes (Piet) Fourie.

General Petrus Johannes (Piet) Fourie.
General Petrus Johannes (Piet) Fourie was a general with General Christiaan de Wet in the Orange Free state. He was born in 1842 in the
Cape colony. His parents were Louis Jacobus Fourie and Maria Magdalena Pieterse. As a youngster he lived in the Orange Free state and was
present at the war between the Basoeto’s and the Republic with king Mosjwesjwe. Before the Boer war he was a farmer in the Bloemfontein
District. In October 1899 he left for the western front as commandant of the Bloemfontein commando. He was with De Wet at the battles of
Sannaspos and Roodewal.General Piet Fourie and Deputy Chief Commandant Philip R Botha, with their respective commandos, were instructed to patrol, independently, the area between Reitz, Lindley and Bethlehem. On 26 December 1900, De Wet left for the Heilbron district where, together with General C C Froneman, he recovered the weapons and ammunition captured and buried after the clash at Roodewal on 7 June 1900. These supplies were removed to a cave on the farm, Lovedale, in the Reitz district, where they were relatively easily accessible.
He was wounded at the Battle of Graspan when they tried to release a laager with women from the British troops.