General – James Barry Munnik Hertzog

General James Barry Munnik Hertzog
General James Barry Munnik Hertzog was born near Wellington in 1866 and spent his early years in a Kimberley mining camp. Hertzog first studied law at Victoria College in Stellenbosch, Cape Colony. In 1889 he went to the Netherlands to read law at the University of Amsterdam, where he prepared a dissertation on the strength of which he received his doctorate in law on 12 November 1892.He had a law practice in Pretoria from 1892 until 1895, when he was appointed to the Orange Free State High Court. During the Boer War of 1899–1902 he rose to the rank of general, becoming the assistant chief commandant of the military forces of the Orange Free State. By May 1902 he was second in command of the Free State Boers. His legal training made him an ideal representative at the peace negotiations at Vereeniging. He became a Cabinet Minister in the Union Government in 1910. He started the National Party and was Prime Minister in 1924 for a period of 15 years. In 1939 he refused to declare war on Nazi Germany and resigned when he was defeated in office. He died on his farm in 1942.