General – Pieter Hendrick Kritzinger

General Pieter Hendrick Kritzinger
Pieter Hendrik Kritzinger was born near Port Elizabeth in 1870. When he was about 12 in 1882 the family moved to the Free State where he grew up and became a citizen of the Republic. He later farmed in the Rouxville district and when war broke out he joined the Rouxville Commando which was commanded by Commandant (later General) J.H. Olivier. In August, 1900, Olivier was captured and Kritzinger became commander of the Rouxville Commando under the leadership of General de Wet. He saw action in Cape Colony in December 1900 and in the Free State under General de Wet and was a distinguished soldier. Promoted to the rank of General himself in April 1901 he once more returned to the Cape in May 1901. As a part of General Christiaan de Wet’s Free State forces, Kritzinger’s commandos with Gideon’s successful launched attacks deep into the Cape Colony on the British troops . The British communications and supply lines were severely disrupted. Kritzinger was also with General de Wet when the latter captured seven guns and 117 wagons during the battle of Sanna’s Post near Bloemfontein towards the end of March, 1900.His reputation of being a very effective guerrilla leader grew from his raids into the Cape in 1900-1901. He was captured after being wounded in Cape Colony in December 1901. He was tried for murder in March 1902 but acquitted. After the war, he helped to raised money for Christian National education. He served as a member of the Cape Provincial Council in 1930 and died in 1935 in Cradock, Eastern Cape.