General – Ignatius Stefanus Ferreira

General Ignatius Stefanus Ferreira
General Ignatius Ferreira was born in Pretoria and spent some of his life in Kimberley. He was one of the first pioneers of the Johannesburg gold fields in 1886. A Colonel in 1886 he was Boer general at the start of the Boer War. The Boers besieged Kimberly for 124 days, shelling it on most days, except Sundays. Shelling abated somewhat during the Battle of Magersfontein when the Boer siege guns were temporarily brought to bear there. Throughout the siege, Kekewich mounted numerous armed reconnaissance missions outside the town’s defences, sometimes using the armoured train. Some of these engagements were fierce, with casualties on both sides, however they did not change the status quo. In 1stJanuary 1900, the local Boer command passed from Commandant CJ Wessels to General Ignatius S. Ferreira.
He was accidentally killed at Paardeberg on 19 February 1900. General De Wet said of him “It was while I was engaged in my efforts to relieve Cronje, that a gun accident occurred in which General Ferreira was fatally wounded. Not only his own family, but the whole nation, lost in him a man whom they can never forget. I received the sad news the day after his death, and, although the place of his burial was not more than two hours’ ride from my camp, I was too much occupied with my own affairs to be able to attend his funeral.”
He was re-buried at Clocolan
 Photo :eGGSA