General – Georges H A V De Villebois-Mareuil

General Georges Henri Anne-Marie Victor De Villebois-Mareuil.
General Georges H A V De Villebois-Mareuil. was born in Nantes in 1847. A Frenchman by birth, he passed out from St Cyr Military Academy in 1868 and was commissioned into the Infanterie de Marine, being sent to French Indo-China. In 1870 he returned to France and participated in the Franco-Prussian war. He also served in the Tunisian Campaign of 1881 in the Foreign Legion. He offered his services as a military adviser to the Boere at the start of the Boer War. He was present at Colenso and Caesar’s Camp/Wagon Hill on 6 January 1900. In the Western theatre he was for a time involved in the siege of Kimberley and later escaped capture from the surrender at Paardeberg. He was promoted to Vegt General by Joubert on 10th March and he formed an international brigade and located himself back in the area to the east of Kimberley. He met his end at Tweefontein near Boshof in April 1900. Lord Methuen buried him with full military honours. His body was exhumed in 1971 and reinterred at the Burgher Memorial at Magersfontein.