General – Esaias Reinier Grobler

General  Esaias Reinier Grobler.
Esaias Grobler was born in 1861 near Philippolis in the Free State and followed a political life becoming a member of the  Volksraad in 1886. At the start of the Boer War he commanded Boers Cape border. He was involved with General Olivier  at Stormberg in December 1899. He also saw action at Colesberg and Paardeberg. The capture of Colesberg did not come  easily and Generals French and Clements suffered devastating losses amongst their troops. On 1 November 1899,  General Esias Reinier Grobler and General Hendrik Schoeman were appointed by President Kruger, to seize Norvals’ Point.  and on the second of November, General White and his British forces were besieged at Ladysmith. General Schoeman and  Grobler marched the Boers into Colesberg on 14 November 1899, and as a result General Buller commanded the French  Commanding Cavalry to remove the Boers from the district, watch over the railway line and ward off any further  advances of the Boers into the Cape Colony.Reinforcements from the New Zealand Mounted Rifles arrived in Noupoort on  the 1st of December 1899, with no fewer than 400 men. On 18 December 1899, New Zealand suffered their first casuality  by losing Trooper 44, GR Bradford, at the attack on the Boers at Jasfontein Farm. The battles that followed saw both sides  gaining a little and being defeated at certain points.

He died in 1937.