Battle of Berg en Dal – Memorial

The Battle of Bergendal (also known as the Battle of Belfast or Battle of Dalmanutha was the last set-piece battle of the
Second Anglo-Boer War. It lasted from 21–27 August 1900 and took place on the farm Bergendal (Hill and Dale) near the town of Belfast.
The 5,000 Boers were under the command of General Louis Botha and the 20,000 British Empire forces were led by General Sir Redvers Buller
under the overall command of Lord Roberts.
There were several other clashes during the battle, but the battle’s climax occurred on 27 August, when 74 men of the Johannesburg section
of the ZARPs faced an attack on foot by 1,500 men of the Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Battalion,
Devonshire Regiment and Gordon Highlanders after a heavy artillery bombardment. Despite a tenacious defence by the ZARPs
of the kopje (knoll) where they had dug in, they were eventually defeated by the British forces. Twenty of the ZARPs force had
been killed and nineteen (including their leader, Commandant Oosthuizen) were taken prisoner. Other wounded had been removed
by the Boers.The rest of the ZARPs force escaped and joined the other retreating Boer commandos. British losses were three officers
killed and seven wounded, 12 rank and file killed and 100 wounded.