General – Pieter Daniel (Piet) De Wet

General Pieter Daniel De Wet.
The younger brother of General Christiaan de Wet, he was born in Aug 18, 1861. He gained his first experience of war at Majuba in the First Anglo Boer War.
He then settled near Lindley and was elected its representative in the Orange Free State Volksraad.Piet was a close friend of President Kruger of the Transvaal and named his eighth child born on January 31, 1896 Paul Kruger de Wet.  Shortly before the start of the Anglo-Boer War Piet became Sergeant in the Lindley Commando. At the commencement of the Boer War,  he joined his brother at Ladysmith. When hostilities commenced he led 200 Burgers from Lindley to the Natal border. He took part in the battle of Nicholson’s Nek ith his brother Christiaan. When General E.R. Grobler of the OFS took ill in December 1899, President Steyn promoted Pieter Daniel de Wet to rank of General  and Commander-in-Chief of the OFS commandoes south of the Orange River. He participated in the battle of Poplar Grove, Sanna’s Post and Lindley.  His doubts about continuing the flight came to a head later that year when in July 1900 he informed his brother that he believed it was futile to continue, pursuing  his beliefs, he surrendered and in December 1900 became Chairman of the Burger Peace Committee and commanded the National Scouts.
General Christiaan, in his book, twice referred to his brother, General Piet being in the presence of British forces. On June 5, 1901, Piet accompanied British  forces under General Elliot on the Wilge River at Steil and Duminydrif. Between December 9 and December 18, 1901, Piet spent nine days accompanying  British forces operating between the towns of Lindley and Reitz.He enrolled in the Orange River Colony Volunteers and became leader of the Heilbron section.
On April 27, 1902, the Orange River Colony Volunteers consisted of only 385 members and in the light of peace negotiations having reached a very advanced stage,  this unit disbanded soon thereafter.Piet and his brother Christiaan reconciled in 1905 when they both attended the same congress. However, opposite stands between  the two brothers during the 1914 rebellion re-opened old wounds. Piet showed final respect by attending the funeral of Christiaan in 1922. He remained an  outcast within his own community and died an alienated man and General Pieter Daniel (Piet) de Wet died February 27, 1929 near Lindley. deWetPietW