General – Lucas Johannes Meyer

General Lucas Johannes Meyer. He was born in 1846 in Zandspruit, OFS. In 1884 he was President of the New Republic established in Northern Zululand but this territory became part of the Transvaal in 1888. Meyer was a member of the Volksraad as was reportedly sympathetic to the case of the Uitlanders. He sometimes clashed with the policies of President Kruger but took up arms at the start of the Boer War. He commanded the Boer forces attacking Dundee at the Battle of Talana. Even though the British fought off the Boer attack and General Lucas Meyer had to withdraw from the hills overlooking Dundee, the brave effort of the Burghers were costly for the Empire. The British commander Sir William Penn Symons was killed in action, the British suffered 52 killed, 203 wounded and 246 men captured by the Boers. He participated in the battle of Modder Spruit but collapsed due to ill health. After a convalescence in Pretoria, he returned to Natal where he commanded the Boer forces on the Tugela. Lack of confidence in him by his men led to his removal from command and his return to Pretoria. He was serving in the Transvaal government, under Schalk Burger, Acting President, when it was on the move in Tautesberg in north east Transvaal in December 1901. He attended the conference between the two Boer governments April 1902 to prepare for the peace negotiations. He signed the peace treaty in his role as a member of the Executive Council of the Transvaal. He died on 8 August 1902 in Brussels ,Belgium and was interred at Vryheid.meyer_l