General – Piet Retief Viljoen



Piet Retief Viljoen1

General Piet Retief  Viljoen

He was born in Pretoria on 25 July 1853 and descended on his mother’s side from the Voortrekker leader Piet Retief.
As a young man he fought in several native campaigns and in 1887 became Mining Commissioner in Heidelberg, ZAR.
During the 2nd Anglo Boer War he was appointed as a general and displayed considerable daring and skill in the
Orange Free State and in the Western Transvaal. Badly wounded in action near Lake Chrissie, he became
a member of the Executive Council of the Republic and, upon the death of General Spruyt, was appointed to take his place.
He died in Heidelberg on 13 February 1926.