Kroonstad -Station burnt down

24 Oct 2012 – The historic Boer-Republican Kroonstad railway station, dating from January 1892,
was ravaged by a massive fire on 24 January  2012 – however contrary to newspapers’claims
new photographs reveal that it was not totally “destroyed’.  Actually, most of its
infrastructure remained intact and probably could be restored to its previous glory.
Only if the political will had existed to do so.

Kroonstad – A section of the train station in Kroonstad burnt down to the ground on Friday night.
DA councillor Mariette Pittaway says the fire appears to have started at around 10pm on Friday.
She says by the time she got to the scene at around 11.30pm the entire old section, which is not in use,
had burnt to the ground. Pittaway says they suspect the fire may have been started by vagrants
living inside the building. She says a police investigation is underway to determine the exact cause.
According to Pittaway, the extent of the damage is largely due to insufficient fire-fighting
resources in the town. She says there are no functioning fire engines, only two Fire Fighters,
which are used to douse veld fires.