Strange but true

Look at the Bible text on the cross

1 Moses 49 verse 18

Can anybody tell me what that verse say ??

Where in the Bible is the book Moses ?


This cross at the Dutch Reformed church in Mahekeng is made out of paperclips

– Thousands and thousands of them















Grave in Klerksdorp cemetery where two british soldiers and two boer soldiers were buried in one grave. So much for enemies. Photo with permission Klerksdorp museum and copyrighted to the museum






















This tree  got hold of CPL J McKenzie’s cross and won’t let go


This grave in Ottosdal .The husband and wife with the same first name.




















The grave of Commandant Ferdinand Potgieter in the Roodewal cemetery. He was killed with 43 boers at the battle of Roodewal on 11 April 1902. His last wish was to be buried as he fell and that is why his grave is north-easterly and not in the same direction as the rest of the graves. He was buried on the same spot as he fell.


Andries Petrus Hendricks was not married and somewhat of a recluse, he lived in fear of the black race. His fear became reality when he was murdered by his house help in 1981. He left no heirs and his will specified that all his money must be spent on the biggest monument in the grave yard. The inscription reads Andries Petrus Hendricks 3-10-1910 – 3-10-1981 “Gone and Forgotten”.


This grave in the Renosterriver military cemetery is of a boer P. Myburg. He is the only boer between all the british soldiers. Very strange because the boers and britons were not buried together.