Cradock – Dr Reginald Koettlitz

The tall heaven-pointing plinth with the Freemason’s mark at its base belongs to the Koettlitz couple. Dr Reginald Koettlitz was famous for being, according to his description, ‘An explorer and traveller, surgeon and geologist to Expeditions North Polar and Abyssinia and with Scott to the Antarctic’.
Best known for his trip with Captain Scott on his first mission to the Antarctic, Dr Koettlitz, so the story goes, somehow neglected to add enough vitamin C to the polar pioneers’ diet. This was attributed by some critics as having led to the Scott party being in a weakened state before they perished on the second expedition.

Dr Koettliz was exonerated some years later – after all, Scott himself should have realised that, after the first trip, there would be a good chance of getting scurvy if they weren’t fed enough vitamin C.Look again at the Koettlitz stone, and you will notice that he died on January 10, 1916, and that his wife, Marie Louise, died a scant two hours after him. They are both interred at this site.