General – S.P. du Toit

Sarel P du Toit was since 1896 a member of the First Volksraad for the Wolmaranstad District.

On 9 October 1899 he became a member of the Western commando,s at Polfontein and was soon appointed to Assistant General by General Piet Cronje for the commandos of the Wolmaranstad, Bloemhof and Lichtenburg.

He moved with Genaral de la Rey from Vryburg to Kimberly and was in charge of the siege of Kimberley. In December he was sent with a horse commando to Tweerivier and was part of this battle.

After this he went to Veertienstrome and after the British took over Pretoria he fought at the Eastern railway line.

He was sent back to Wolmaranstad and under general de la Rey he operate in the districts of Wolmaranstad, Lichtenburg, Potchefstroom and Bloemhof.

They were part of the battles of Hartbeesfontein, Lichtenburg, Makwassie mountains, Brakspruit (1 Match 1902) and Roodewal (11 April 1902)   were Commandant Potgieter and Veldcornet G.J. van Wyk were killed and the commando lost 75 men in this battle alone.

He was nominate by his commando to take part in the peace negotiations at Vereeniging