General – T. Smuts

Tobias Smuts was born on 25 November 1861 on the farm Krugerspos in the Lydenburg district.

He died on 10 August 1916 on the farm Elandsfontein in the Baberton district.

He was nine years older than his brother Jan Christiaam Smuts.

After his studies at Victoria college  in Stellenbosch he was part of the Houtbosberg expedition in the Northern Transvaal and fought against Makhado after that.

He became commandant of the Ermelo commandoand at the beginning of 1899 he became a member of the first Volksraad of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic.

He was part of the battles at Natal first as a private and later as a assistant Commandant.

After the battle of Colenso he was appointed as vecht-general and after the battle of Spioenkop he was appointed as assistant Commandant-general for the Transvaal men in the Free-state.

On 7 May 1900 he was back in Pretoria for the last House of Assemby session. After this he fought

at Donkerhoek and were at the battle of Carolina. On 7 January 1901 General Louis Botha recommends seven attacks and General T smuts lead the Machadodorp attack.

At the end of the war he fought in the Eastern Transvaal and then went back to farming and in 1910 he was nominated as the member of the House of assembly for Ermelo. He kept that position till 1916.