General – P. J. Liebenberg

He was a member of the second Volksraad and at the beginning of the war and was part of the commando of General Piet Cronje at the western border and also part of the first battle at Kraaipan where an armoured train from Mafeking was derailed.

He was also part of the Siege of Mafeking and moved with General Cronje to the Free state and took part in the Battle of Modderriver and was promoted to Commandant during the Battle of Magersfontein

In January 1900 he was promoted to Vecht general over a commando that was planned to enter the Cape Colony at Prieska and later also over a commando at Rooidam in Griekwaland west.

He was in charge of the Betchuhanaland burghers and the Lichtenburg commando at Koedoesrand that stopped the section of Colonel Mahon that tried to relieve Mafeking.

In July 1900 was he at the Battle of Donkerhoek and was promoted to the rank of General of the Potchefstroom commandos and serve till the end of the war.