Kommandant – J.J. Alberts( Johannes Joachim)

Commandant J. J. ( Johannes Joachim) Alberts was born on 8 June 1872 in the Pretoria district and grew up in the Standerton district. Here he was a farmer till the beginning of the war. He was promoted in May 1900 to the rank of Vecht-corporal and were in the battle at Renoster River in the Orange Free State.

Since September 1900 they were to the north of the Delagoa railway line. Here his commando were surrounded by the British and everyone surrendered. Only Alberts escaped on his horse. When he arrived back at Standerton he was told that his Veldcornet with all his men surrendered but he refused to hand in his rifle. He then started to form his own commando and in the beginning they were only 15 men of the Waterval wyk. In December 1900 he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Veldkornet by Commandant C. Brits. In June 1901 with the well-known Conference between the South African Republic and OFS governments that was held in the Waterval wyk, Commandant C Brits was promoted to Vecht-general and Alberts to Commandant in the place of General Brits.

Since then he was Commandant of the Standerton district till the end of the war. He was the delegate of the Wakkerstroom and Standerton commandos at Vereeniging on 15 May 1902 when the peace negotiations took place.

He received the medal: “Dekoratie voor Trouwe Dienst, 1899-1902,”

He was a member of the Union House of Assembly from 1910 to 1912 and became a colonel in the Union Defence Force and served during the rebellion of 1914 and in South West Africa  during 1915 and 1916.

He later became a sheep inspector for the Eastern Transvaal until 1924.

He died on 23 April 1947 and were buried in the old cemetery at Bethal.