Kommandant – F.S. Alleman

Frederik Simon Alleman was born on 11 May1861 at Potchefstroom.

He was the grandson of Coenraad Godfried Alleman who served as a Lieutenant under Governor Van Nood. He finished school at Grey collage in Bloemfontein and start working at Klerksdorp.

As a private burgher under General Cronje he was part of the first battle at Kraaifontein.

He was married to Maria Johanna Minnaar on 1 st June 1885 in Boshoff Orange Free State

At Koedoesberg he was promoted to assistant Veldkornet and was severely wounded and while still on crushes he was taken as a prisoner of war and sent to the Cape Province. On the night of 26 December he jumped off the train at Drie-Angel station and went to join the commando of General Hertzog at Calvinia.

When he was heeled of his injuries in March 1901 he joined his old commando at Hartbeesfontein and was promoted to the rank of Veldkornet. In June of that year he joined the commando of General De la Rey in the Eastern districts and Branddrift.

Back in the western districts he was asked by General Jan Smuts to join him on his expedition to the Cape Province and in December he was promoted to Commandant.

In the beginning of 1902 he travelled from the Calvinia district through German Zuid West Africa to Europe with messages from General Smuts to President Kruger which he completed successfully.

He was also part of the battles of Tweerivier, Magersfontein, Koedoesberg, Reiz and Tarkastad.

He was awarded the DTD (Dekoratie voor Trouwe Dienst) and received the Wound Ribbon (Lint voor Verwonding).

He died on 11 November 1943 and was buried in the old cemetery in Parys OFS.

ALLEMAN Frederik Simon 1861-1943