Kommandant – B.H. Breytenbach

Barend H. Breytenbach was born in 1862 in the district of Utrecht and was a son of the Natal voortrekker with the same name.
He grew up in the Utrecht district and at the age of 17 was a member of the Vrywillerger corps and in 1879 took part in the war against the Zulus with Piet Uys.
In the liberation war of 1880 to 1881 he was a corporal from start to the end of the war.
In 1894 he was appointed veldcornet and when the war broke out he went with his Utrecht commando under General Lucas Meyer to the Natal front and was part of the battles of Natal.
During the last stages of the war he was appointed as Commandant and was sent to the Peace conference in Vereeniging.