Kommandant – P.J. Greyling

Pieter Jacobus Greyling was born on 5 February 1847 in the district Ladysmith in Natal.

In 1865the went on commando with the Free state men against Masoes.

When he becane 30 he left Potchefstroom and moved to Standerton district.

He was part of the battles of Laingsnek and Ingogo in 1881 and in 1885 against Mapoch and was chosen as veldcornet.

In 1888 when the new district of Bethal was proclaimed he was promoted to Commandant and was part of the battles of Natal the next year.

Due to his deafness he step down as commandant and went on as a private.

Om 14 April 1902 he was taken as a prisoner and sent to British India as a prisoner of war