Kommandant – I.J. Greyling

Izaak J. Greyling started his military career as a private and with two brothers took part in the battle at Dundee where one died and two were wounded.

After the battle of Colensoe he was promoted to the rank of Commandant of the Wakkerstroom commando and they took part in the battle of Spioenkop.

During the battle of Platrand he lost three men – one was veldcornet Slaberts and his son. At Pieters station another three of his men fell. The commando moved to the Free state and at the battle of Tafelkop lost another nine men.

He was also part of the battles of Vryheid and Itala where the veldcornet Pieter Badenhorst and some other men of the Wakkerstroom commando lost their lives.

They ambushed a British convoy at Melmoth and took part in battles near Vryheid.

Just before the declaration of peace his oldest brother veldcornet A.C. Greyling died in a skirmish on the farm Vyfhoek and a few days later veldcornet Stephanus Moolman of ward 2 also died.

This commando of Commandant Greyling put down their weapons on 2 June 1902