Kommandant – J.A. Joubert

Jozua Adriaan Joubert was the son of David Jozua Joubert and was born on 15 October 1853 in the Potchefstroom district.

After a short stay in Natal the family moved to the Wakkerstroom district.

He was only 21 when he accompanied Commandant C Joubert on an expedition  to Swaziland.

On 28 Janury 1881 as part of the first  liberation war he was wounded in the shoulder at Laingsnek .

The following year he took part in the expedition against Mapoch

In 1892 he was promoted to veldcornet of his ward ward 2 of his district and was three years later part of the wakkerstroom command at the Jamesom raid. In 1897 he was promoted to Commandant and took part in the war against Magato.

In the Boer war he was in command of his commando at the battles of Dundee ,Modderspruit and Colenso.

He was again wounded at the battle of Colenso and spent some time in the hospital in Pretoria.

It was only on 22 May 1900 that he could take charge of his commando again .

A year later he was wounded again in the arm in Amersfoort and his horse was shot dead under him.

His adjudant, Pieter Spaarwater found him walking in the veld and took him to the veld hospital of Dr Jurriaanse. A month later he was caught in the hospital and taken prisoner of war.

His arm was amputated in Wakkerstroom and when his wound healed he was sent to Ladysmith prison camp till the end of the war