Kommandant – D.P. Liebenberg

Daniel Pieter Liebenberg was born in Graaff Reinet on 7 June 1869 and in 1887 he left the Cape Colony and went to live in Pretoria.In 1888 he start to work in the civil service and when the war started he was the assistant Chief of Mining.

At the beginning of the war he went with his commando to the battlefields of Natal and later with a group of the Pretoria commando to the Free state at Brandford.

After Pretoria was taken by the British Liebenberg went with the commando to the Highveld and was at the battles of Donkerhoek en Dalmanutha.

From Hectorspruit he went with the Krugerdorp commando via Leysdorp to Pietersburg and from there under General Kemp to the western districts.

In February 1901 was he appointed as veldcornet of ward 1 of the Krugersdorp commando and a year later as commandant of the Pretoria town commando.

He stayed in the veld and was part of a number of battles till on 7 June 1902 they laid down their weapons.