Kommandant – W.J. Mouton

Willem Johannes Mouton was born on 26 December 1866 in the Calvinia district , Cape Province. He was only five years ods when his farther moved to Middelburg in the Transvaal. On 8 February 1881 his farther died at the battle of Schuinshhogte or Igogo.

With the outbreak ofd the war he was a very wealthy man in the Middelburg district.

As a burgher he was at most of the battles in Natal and was promoted to nco of the Middelburg commando when he was back at the Highveld.

The Middelburg commando did partolling work along the railway line most of the time.  From October 1900 to February 1902 his small troop lost 12 men in battle and 17 wounded with Mouton one of the wounded. He was transferred to Talana and was then promoted to veldcornet.

At the battle of Bakenlaagte his brother died  and another one was killed previously.

On 13 February 1902 he was appointed as Commandant of a part of the Middelburg commando and was in this position till they downed their weapons on 7 June 1902