Kommandant – J.P.N. Prinsloo

Joachim Petrus Nikolaas Prinsloo was born in 1863 in the Pretoria district and stayed on the farm Rietfontein in the Bronkhorstspruit ward.

In Novenber 1899 he was called up and sent to the Natal border and was part of most of the battles in Natal.

He was wounded near Standerton and was also part of the battle od Donkerhoek. He was then transfered to General Erasmus and were in the Bosvels north of the Oosterlyn railway line.

When he was back at his ward he was appointed Veldcornet and later as Commandant.

On 30 April 1902 he was fatally wounded in the battle of Verkluimkop in the Heidelberg district.

In the same battle Veldcornet van Niekerk of the Bethal commando, assistent Velcornet J. Haman of Pretoria and thirty burgers also died.

Lieutenant Farrel of Naude’s verkenners was wounded