Kommandant – G.J. Scheepers

Gideon Jacobus Scheepers was born on 4 April 1878 in the Middelburg district.

In 1894 he joined the ZAR artillery as a helio graphist and in April 1897 he was promoted to corporal.

In May 1899 he was promoted to sergeant of the Orange Free State artillery to start a field telegraph service for Major Albercht.

On 11 October 1899 he went with the ZAR artillery to Natal and then went to the western border.

He took part in the battle of Magersfontein and escaped when General Cronje give up at Paardeberg.

He was promoted to the rank of Captain of a recognisance unit by General C.R. de Wet and on 15 July he escaped with General De Wet from the Brandwaterkom. He was at the battles of Philippolis and Kroonstad and sabotage railway and telegraph lines.

He went with General P.H. Kritzinger to the Cape Colony and irritated the British. He was very active at Graaf Reinette, Cradock, Murrysburg and Montaque and start to burn down the farms of us sympathetic farmers.

In March 1901 he was promoted to Commandant but in October he was taken very ill on the farm Koppiekraal in the Prins Albert district. He was caught by the British and sent to hospital in Matjiesfontein and Naauwpoort. After he recovered from his illness he was transferred to the Graaf Reinet prison and was tried and shot on 18 January 1902 by a firing squad for war atrocities. His body was never found.