Kaptein – H.C.W. Grothaus

Heinrich Christian Wilhelm was born on 9 March 1867 at Dortmund, Gemany and joined the 133rd Regiment Veld-artillary at Metz at a young age as a non commision officer.

He came in 1895 to the Transvaal and received citizenship after the Jameson raid.

In 1897 he was appionted as Instructor with the Artillary at Johannesburg fort. In the same year he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.

At the beginning of the war he took the two 7.5 cm Nordenfeld Maxim cannons that was captured at the Jameson raid, to Klipdrift under General Jan Kok, but he was called back to Zandspruit and joined the 1st Battey Veldartillary.

On 12 October, with the main commando he went to Natal and was part of some battles.

He was also with a section that attacked General Buller  at Grasnek and Amferspoort. He was later  with the commando’s of Ermelo and Carolina at the battle of Bergendal and stayed with these commando’s for most of the time on the Highveld.

On 7 June 1902 he laid down his weapon with the Carolina commando on the farm Twyfelaar. He handed over the four cannons under his command on command of the Commandant-general.

During the war on February 1901 was he promoted to 1st Lieutenant and in March 1902 to Captain.