Kaptein – J.J. Naude

Jacobus Johannes Naude was born on 28 January 1876  in Smithfield in the Orange Free state.

At the beginning of the war he was a churchwarden with the Dutch Reformed church and joined the Ambulance of Doctor van der Merwe and went with the commando of General Meyer to Natal. Later he joined Commandant Badenhorst with a section and they operated west of Pretoria in the Schurvebergen. From here he had a few booty trips to Pretoria and organize a spy operation with a group of Afrikaner women and other persons. He rendered a valuble service to the Commandos with the time tables of the arrival and departure of enemy trains.

After the convention of Branddrift  Naude handed an embroided flag to the Commandant-general from the woman at Pretoria as a present. He was appointed to Captain and with the help of a few burgers had a very successful spy section throughout the war. After the war he wrote a book called “In Doodsgevaar” about all his adventures