Kaptein – P.C.Paff

In 1863 Paul Constant Paff was born in Amsterdam, Nederland. At the age of 17 he became a telegraphist. After completion of his Telegraph and Post examination in 1888 he was transfered to the Transvaal as a student of the Z.A. Republic on two years leave. Before the two years of leave expired in 1890 he was  asked by General Joubert to start a section of Veldtelegraaf in the Transvaal for the Artillary corps. He started with this work in June of 1890 and was appointed 2nd Lieutenant with the Mounted Artillary and police. In 1894 he was part of the battles against Malabosch and also of Magoeba, Madadje, Mammatolla and others north of Zoutpansberg.

After the Jameson raid he was summond  to London as a witness by the British Parliment Investigation commission and during the next year he was promoted to Lieutenant.

In 1898 his section was part of the expedition against Magatoe.

During the Anglo Boer war he was in 1901 appointed to Captain and was Chief Veld telgraphist with the Goverment till the end of the war.