Kaptein – H. du Toit

Heinrich du Toit was born in the Cape colony and went to Pretoria to start teaching as a career.

He later qualified  as an officer in the State artillary and when the war broke out he went to Ladysmith with the First battery.   On 30 October 1899 at the battle of Modderspruit he was in command of the 7.5 cm Creusot cannon(Long Tom). They were stationed on Pepworth’shill and here he was severley wounded and sent back to Pretoria to the hospital. He was here for a few months.

After Pretoria was taken by the British, Du Toit still not fully recovered went with the artillary to the Highveld .

Here he was part of the battles of Donkerhoek and Dalmutha and then joined General Beyers at Soutpansberg with his Long Tom.

This Long Tom was distroyed at Houtbosberg because they did not want it to fall in the hands of the enemy.

The artillary under his command was now a small corps and operated north of Pietersburg together with a section of Veldcornet M.W. Pretorius. At one stage he was very ill with malaria but remained in the veld till the end of the war