Kaptein – A.F. du Toit

Andries F. du Toit joined the Lijdenburg commando under Veldkornet M.P.Taute as a private burger in Natal .

He was part of the battles of Spioenkop and Platrand as a non commisioned officer

He was appointed as a captain at Belfast in charge of Verkennings-corps and was at the battle of Dalmanutha and a few other smaller battles.

He was also at the Battle of Helvetia and took part in the sabotage of the Ooster railway line.

At Pisangkop, with the help of Commandant Mol, they overcome a camp of Australian volunteers. In this battle Commandant Mol was severley injured and Du toit was appointed in his place.

After this he joined General Ben Viljoen with his commando of about 200 men and they operated in the Sabie and Pelgrims rest areas.

He was still in charge of his commando when they were forced on 12 June 1902 to hand over their weapons.