Kaptein – F.W. Von Wickmann

Frederich Wilhelm von Wichmann was a luitenant of the 1 st regiment Garde Infantrie at Potsdam in Berlin Germany before he came to South Aftica.

He worked in the office of the Survey general in Pretoria for a while and was appointed in 1897  as a 2nd Luitenant with the Vestings artillary in Johannesburg.

Om 29 September 1899 he left with the German commando under General Jan Kock to Kliprivier but was called back to the Main Lager at Zandspruit and was placed with the Third Battery State Artillary under General Lucas Meyer when he invaded Natal.

In Natal he was part of the battles of Dundee , Modderspruit, Colenso and Estcourt.

He went back to the Transvaal and was with an artillary section under General Chris Botha till the end of the war.