Kaptein – H Williams

Herny Williams was born in 1874 at Victoria West in the Cape Colony and moved to the Orange Free State in 1889 and after the Jameson raid he moved to the Transvaal.

As a citizen he joined the Witwatersrand-Pretoria commando and was transvered to Colesberg and later joined the Afrikaner Kavallerie corps under Commandant Abr. Malan and still later he joined Therons vrywilliges corps till the death of Danie Theron their leader. He then served as a Luitenant in the corps of Kaptein Mears.


On 6 June 1901 he was promoted to the rank of Kaptein and was put in charge of his own corps called the Williams Vechtcorps.

In March just before the peace he was captured and detained in Pretoria and sentenced to death for wearing a british uniform and breaking up of railway lines.

He was released after pease was declared.