Kaptein – B.G.V. de Witt Hamer

Boudewijn  Gerrit Verselewel de Witt Hamer was born on 12 February 1855 at Doesburg in Gelderland, Nederland.

He was an officer in the Nedelandse leger and came to South Africa in 1885.

He was the editor of the first Dutch newspaper in Natal the “De Natal Boeren Vriend” but left for the Transvaal in 1887.

He was working for the Mining Department, was a Mine commisioner at Leydsdorp and later at Baberton.

He resigned this post to become a member of the Tweede Volksraad in 1897 over the Cape Diggings.

When the war broke out he was appointed as Kaptein in charge of the Hollander corps and was present at the Battle of Elandslaagte where he was captured on 21 October 1899 and sent to Simonstown as a Prisioner of war.

He was sent to St Helena till September 1902 when he was set free.