Franschhoek – Grave Robert de Kersauson de Pennendreff

One of the most colourful foreign volunteers in the Boer army in 1900-1902 was Robert de Kersauson de Pennendreff; young, handsome, gallant and devoted to the Boer cause until the bitter end of the war. His love for South Africa brought him after an absence of almost 40 years back to this country to find a quiet place to live when many other countries were suffering in the Second World War. He belonged to an old family in Brittany, France’s most Western province, surrounded by sea on three sides. The name Kersauson is said to mean “house of the Saxon”; ker is a frequent prefix in Breton family names. It is quite possible that one of his ancient ancestors was a Saxon from Great Britain, for there were many migrants between Brittany and Britain.