Middelburg – Jacobus Petrus Toerien

J.P.Toerien was a journalist and composer of poets and he used the nom-de-plume ‘JEPETE’ derived from ‘J.P.T.’ which is an abbreviation of his name.

An account on the National Anthems forum supports J.P. Toerien as author and his wife Sarie Maré as the subject of the song. It too suggests the song’s origins go back to Sweet Ellie Rhee. The claim is that this song was sung by Americans working in the Transvaal gold mines, and heard there by Afrikaans journalist and poet Jacobus Petrus Toerien, who re-wrote the song in Afrikaans, substituting the name of Ellie Rhee with that of his own beloved Sarie Maré (Susara Margaretha Maré).