Middelburg – Kaptein Henri Slegtkamp

Born : 19 April 1873 Beverwijk, Netherlands.
Died : 02 February 1951 Middelburg, Transvaal.
Lifestory :
Captain H.F. Slegtkamp had a very restless nature and was always looking for adventure. As a young man he was already fighting in the   ZAR against hostile black tribes. He also was in the force that stopped the Jameson invasion during 1895 / 1896.

At the beginning of the war, he joined the Middelburg Commando and went to Natal. With the Battle of Spioenkop, Slegtkamp and Hindon became heroes to be remembered always. In the middle of the battle they hoisted the joint war flag of the Republics on the hill and caused  the English forces to delay their attack.

After this he fought with the Irish Brigade in the Free State under Colonel Blake. In May 1900 he joined the reconnaissance corps of Danie Theron. After the death of Danie Theron, he moved to the Eastern Transvaal where he became a lieutenant in Captain Jack Hindon`s reconnaissance corps.

Till the end of the war he specialized in the destruction of trains and railways. After the surrender of Captain Jack Hindon on May 1902, he became captain of the corps.
After the peace accord he left for the Netherlands for a short while, but soon found himself back in the Transvaal. He eventually became a general in the Ossewabrandwag.

He died in Middelburg, Transvaal on 02 February 1951. He lies buried on the northern side of the cemetery.