Chrissiesmeer – DR Church

Mr K C F Deist was the builder of this exceptional church. He is the father of Prof. Ferdinand Deist, famous for his many books about the religious life.

Evidently Mr Deist Build 23 stone churches all over the country. The stone for this church originates on Mr Stoffel van der Vywer’s lake side farm.

Deist was an exceptional person, a man proud of his expertise. Ds R B Murray, the minister at the time, relates how he questioned the man about why he buried the beautiful cut stone so deep underground, surely he could have used uncut stones? Deist answered: “No Dominee, where the eye does not see it must be just as tidy as where it is visible. Perhaps one of my great grand children will come here in a hundred years and if the ground was washed away on the slope and a piece of uncut stones would be exposed and then they would say – look how great grandpa mucked up!

The weather-cock on the steeple has an interesting history. It is made of copper and has precisely the shape of a real rooster. Even the tail feathers are cut out. It has a rounded shape and is not made out of flat copperplate. Since 1904 it was on top of the Bosman Street Church in Pretoria. It fell off its steeple during thunder storms and was repaired (regaled according to a German method) and was erected on this steeple in 1951.